Yolanda Solo


Helping people make changes that improve their personal and business lives

Property Finder for Huelva & Cadiz

Helping people find property for relocation or investments in Huelva and Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain.

Alternative Income Blogger

Giving people alternative ways to earn money by working from home or starting a home-based business.



Motivation and marketing for new projects

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Featured Services


Coaching support via Skype, telephone and email for those who need support through transition or an accountability partner to make sure you see your project through to the end!


Set-up and development of WordPress and Joomla websites so you can take control of your business online.


Property finding service for those looking to relocate to Spain.

Previous clients

Catherine Maguire

Spirtual Midwife at www.catherinemaguire.com

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Yolanda. She took the time to really listen to me and had the incredible gift of being able to get into my head and unravel the creative jumble that was rattling around in my brain.”

Maya Middlemiss

Managing Director of Saros Research Ltd in the UK, and Casslar Consulting in Spain

“Yolanda’s manifest skills in business strategy and marketing led to some excellent advice about taking the project forward that added even more value to the service she provided.”

Richard Riley

Partner at Richard Riley and Associates

“Yolanda is patient and professional with matters relating to expat sevices in Spain, especially in the Huelva area where English is rarely spoken so her bi-lingual abilitites are invaluable.”

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